About Me Etch Delight AKA Barbara ^_^

I looove art. I have been a artist all my life. Last year I found out that I had fibromyalgia and it made it very hard for me to work outside the home. Because of the pain and extreme fatigue I was very depressed for a very long time.  Last year I felt the only way for me to regain my sanity was to start my own business lol. It was a lot harder then I thought but It is also a whole lot of fun.

I taught myself how to hand etch on glass using a Dremel tool.  Then I got the idea to make hand etched wine bottle luminaries, incense burners and now etched glass jewelry. This business have been a life savor for me.  When I get sick I just go lay down and when I well again I get back to work.  I am blessed.

All the designs are drawn by me and are one of a kind.   I use a Dremel Rotary tool to do the etching. I never used a power tool before and the first time I used it I had a lot of fun lol mooore power. I use recycled glass but I am trying to find more glass. If you have glass that I can have please let me know.

I am happy I found something that I can really sink my teeth into. I look forward to do this for years to come……

I have been featured in
Etsy lush for your home

I count sunshine’s rays…..

‘Spring Me” Please!

Cookies and Green Disco Balls!

Charming Chartreuse – Disco Style!

You can also find me on


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